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Our exquisite range will enhance any area and create the atmosphere that you desire. We supply in bulk to the hotel and florist industries and in small quantities to the public.


We can assist with :

  • Floral arrangements for hotel foyers and hotel rooms,
  • Cacti for restaurants,
  • Wedding and corporate flowers,
  • Supply of florist accessories: oasis, scissors, florist tape, vases, buckets and glass fruit bowls.

Unique Ceramic Products :

Geotra’s range of exclusive ceramic vases and bowls is one of its fastest growing lines.

Come in to design your own unique ceramics – we will have your product made up, from artwork to the finished product.


Custom-made Christmas Decorations :

Geotra has years of experience in the supply of custom-made Christmas decorations to hotels. These include the manufacture of metal trees, a wide selection of wreaths and Christmas lighting.

We make up according to our client’s specifications and do the installation on the client’s premises.

Some of our happy client’s include Cape Town’s top hotels : the Cape Grace Hotel and the Taj Hotel.



We supply flowers from the Protea Capensis, a plant kingdom found at the southern point of Africa. All Cape species are indigenous to this region, or are hybrids developed out of various species from this floral kingdom. We supply most of the Protea, Leucospermum, Leucadendrum, Erica, Berzelia, Brunia and assorted “Cape greens” commercially available in South Africa.


  • Cut off 3 cm from stem.
  • Always ensure that the product has sufficient water.
  • Use clean buckets or vases and renew water regularly.
  • Add a flower nutrient to the water.


  • Varieties should be regularly sprayed with water to keep them moist.
  • Do not arrange the flowers in an oasis, as it will shorten the life-span of the flowers.

Even though fynbos and protea are seasonal, we will always have a variety of other flora available throughout the year.

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